How to take care of your golden retriever

Golden retrievers are such sweet pets. They are always happy and playful and they seem to be always smiling. They look like they have an endless source of energy because they are infinitely playful.

Photo by Garfield Besa from Pexels

How to take care of your golden retriever

However, no matter how jolly golden retrievers are, they need all the love and care that they need. Here’s what you can do to show your golden retriever pet that you care for them:

1. Take them outside for a lot of playtime

Golden retrievers are filled with endless energy. They love to play and they are always curious. They love to physically move. 

As such, one of the best things that you can do for your best friend is to take them out for a walk or a Frisbee game in the park. Let them play and let them run. It doesn’t just make them happy, the exercise is beneficial for their heart and muscles.

2. Give them a balanced diet

Nourish their body with a well-balanced and nutritious diet. They would love a diet of ground raw beef, turkey, chicken, and minced mixed vegetables. 

The protein, vitamins, and minerals from these food items will help keep golden retrievers healthy as they live a very active life.

3. They love water

Golden retrievers love water. They’d easily give in to a nice bath from the faucet. However, what they most love is a nice swim. If you are near a body of water like a river, lake, or stream, take them out here for a nice swim. They’d appreciate a good dip in the cool water and that will surely make their day.

4. Groom them

Golden retrievers have thick and long coats that can catch dirt when they play. It can also be a breeding ground for parasites likes mites and ticks. Groom them by at least shampooing their coat regularly to help remove dirt and unwanted organisms.

5. Regular check-up

Just like humans, golden retrievers need to see the doctor regularly. Take them to the vet for a routine check-up or for a dose of vaccine to ensure their overall health and wellness.


So these are just simple methods to keep your golden retriever healthy, happy, and strong. They are good-hearted dogs who appreciate the littlest efforts that you do for them. As such, be kind to them and show them your love with these easy-to-do techniques.